Ken McNabb Ranch Cutter


*Please contact our offices for current available stock. Feel free to email or call 307.645.3149. We keep certain stock on hand and depending on tradeshows/events it varies between our orders. On occasion we will also have a used saddle or so available. We keep assorted tooling/oiling patterns and colors on hand. We also try to stock a variety of seat types (example smooth vs. roughout). Saddles can be made with a Cheyanne or Pencil roll. We look forward to hearing from and assisting you. Thank you!

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“I love the seat in the ranch cutter .  It is amazingly comfortable, yet allows me a lot of freedom of movement.  The versatility of this saddle amazes me.  DeeDee insists that this is the most comfortable trail saddle.  I have roped mature Angus bulls while riding this saddle.  It sets me up to succeed as a trainer. With the freedom of movement that the stirrup fenders offer me I can place my leg exactly where my horse need’s it in order to support him.  ” Ken McNabb

” I use my ranch cutter for a variety of tasks from starting colts, to trail riding, to dragging calves at a branding. I love how well it fits many of my horses simply by changing my pad. It is a very versatile and durable addition to my tack room. P.S. My wife likes to steal it any chance she can!” Justin Hatfield, Wyoming

“As someone who spends more time in the saddle than in the easy chair, a comfortable, well made and functional saddle is a must! My Ken McNabb ranch cutter saddle fits the build. This is my go-to saddle. I use it for everything from colt starting to long days on the trail and ranch. The freedom and movement of the fenders are indispensable when teaching a horse to move their shoulders, hips, and ribcage. No matter how long or hard the day is, I know this saddle will keep me and my horse comfortable.” Donald Archer, North Carolina

Donald Archer (a Ken McNabb certified trainer that I study under) has always done right by me. I’ve rode for him and he has taught me so much! I bought a horse back in April and she is a super hard horse to fit for a saddle. We’ve gone through 4 since I’ve had her. He mentioned that I should try a Ken McNabb saddle and allowed me to test fit his. I instantly knew based on how the saddle was sitting on her that I had to have one. I ordered my Ken McNabb saddle last week and it arrived within two weeks. I was able to ride in it this evening for the first time and when I say it is the best saddle I’ve ever put my butt in, I really mean that. I’ve rode in a lot of saddles, but this is the BEST. It is super comfortable and so well balanced. The leather is grippy and I feel secure. I wanted to thank you for making this saddle. I absolutely love it! I also wanted to say, your customer service (Jennifer) was wonderful. She was super knowledgeable and I loved speaking with her on the phone.” Lauren Eades, North Carolina

This saddle has a five year warranty on the tree. Saddle overall weight roughly 36-38 lbs. Full quarter horse bars.

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