3-Day Horsemanship Clinic September 11-13, 2024 – Deer River, MN


Heart & Hooves Horsemanship Arena & Obstacle Course

Lee Rd., Deer River, MN 56636

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This clinic is booked full. Please make final payments only. Please contact our office to be added to the riding waitlist by phone at (307) 645-3149 or by email at mcnabbdeedee@gmail.com Thank You!

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3 Day Ken McNabb Horsemanship Clinic


Cost is $975 on a first come basis.  To guarantee your riding spot is a $450.00 deposit or the rider may pay in full. Our clinics are small (about 13-15 riders) we cannot accept cancellations.  Balance MUST BE PAID 2 WEEKS BEFORE the clinic. Please note all deposits as of 10/10/2022 are NON-REFUNDABLE with the exception of a medical emergency – in this case, a signed document must be sent to our office from your doctor. You will receive 1 free auditor pass if you have any one coming with you for the event.  The clinic is 9-5, with 1 hour for lunch. The facility has a great sound system and you will be able to hear everything that is being taught.  Ken is a fun teacher and he tries to give you as much information as you can hold in 3 days!  This is the clinic of a lifetime no other clinic can compare!

3 Day Horsemanship Clinic

The 3-day horsemanship clinic with Ken McNabb provides a unique experience that you will not find with any other clinician.  You will develop a close personal relationship with your horse.  You will develop lasting relationships with the other people in the group.  These 3 days will help you build confidence in your ability to interact with your horse.  This is the most one-on-one time you will ever get while still in a small group setting.  Ken’s simple and easy-to-understand instruction helps him build a relationship with each individual participant.  As you progress through the clinic you can move as you and your horse are ready.  If you master the exercise quickly, Ken will give you the next one, or you can continue to work the exercise until you are ready for the next one.  You can be an advanced rider working on finishing maneuvers alongside new riders working on foundation.  When the clinic is over you will have a relationship with your horse like Roy Rogers had with Trigger.  It’s the best investment you can make in your horse (and yourself!).

Topics to be covered:

(This is foundational; for advanced riders, you will be working on finishing maneuvers)


Groundwork:  Basic through Advanced Leading

In the Saddle: Hand Positioning and Rein Management

Balance and Body Positioning

Giving to the Bit:  Softening at the Poll

Head Elevation


Developing Collected Movement:  At the Walk, Trot, Lope and Back Up

Leg Speed Transitions

Directional Transitions

Improving Your Stop

Developing Shoulder Control

Rating Your Speed


Body Control Maneuvers Including:

Turn on the Forehand

Developing the Side Pass

Developing the Rollback and Spin

Reverse Arc Circle, Haunches In, Leg Yield and Shoulders In


Additional Topics Per Class Request:

– Overcoming Fear of Obstacles

– Trailer Loading

Ken has always made it a priority to ride with each student at their level and help them advance their horsemanship so that they might go home with as much knowledge as possible.  In order to do this, he has developed a method based on step-by-step exercises that are designed to meet you where you are in your horsemanship journey and take you to the next level.  Ken’s building block style approach allows him to keep the entire clinic group moving forward without slowing down the advanced riders or overwhelming the novice riders.  It is an amazing three days!



Halter / 12ft.  lead rope / saddle / bridle (packing a snaffle bit is recommended, but NOT required). We have all of these available for sale through our store.  You may contact the office or website and we would be happy to help you make sure you have the right equipment.



ARRIVAL: If you are interested in booking RV Sites or a stall for your horse, please contact the facility directly to make arrangements. Michelle Jerry: 2182442328.

CLINIC DAYS: Wednesday (9/11) – Friday (9/13):

8:45 AM – 9:00 AM (Day 1) Register by ensuring your signed rider release liability has been received.  Please be tacked up and in the arena by 8:55 AM to start with Ken.  You should have your horse saddled with a bridle over the saddle horn and have a halter and lead rope on your horse.

9:00 AM to 12:00 PM  Morning Session

12:00 PM to 1:15 PM  Lunch Break (You can pack a lunch or choose to drive to a local place). https://hearthooveshorsemanship.com/location-details

1:15 PM to 5:00 PM  Afternoon Session

Ken will also take a break in the middle of both sessions.  Feel free to take a break when you need one.  This is your clinic and we understand individual needs.

CHECK OUT: Please ask Michelle Jerry about the check-out process when you call to book your stalls and/or RV space: 2182442328.


Due to the nature of horse training and handling in general, accidents can occur.  You are advised to wear protective headgear for your own safety and to put protective boots on your horse. You are also advised to wear proper footwear, boots that will slide off.



Please make sure your horse is vaccinated for everyone’s safety. You will also need to have a negative Coggins at facility check-in and proper health paperwork to travel.



We welcome any of your family and friends that would like to come.  Observer/Auditor tickets are $25.00 per day or $65.00 for three days.  Each rider receives one complimentary observer per day.  Children 12 and under are free, but must be under adult supervision.


Here’s what a couple of people have to say about Ken’s clinic:

WOW! I was able to attend a 3-day Ken McNabb clinic with my wife and daughter.  I have ridden my whole life and have a deep love for horses.  In 3 days I learned more about me and my horse through the clinic than I had learned in my 51 years with horses.  The coolest thing was being able to buy the Applied Riding video.  Each time I watch it, all that Ken taught comes back to life just like I am in the arena with him.  It is worth it and was one of the best vacations my family has taken.  Neal H. from NC

I had my first clinic with Ken at the age of 45.  My studies with Ken over the past 13 years enlightened me to pursue the stewardship of horsemanship, not just the riding give your best, and they will give it back to you!  I keep in mind What’s in it for the horse?  Brings me true pleasure every day.  Terri C. from WA


The clinic is 9-5, with 1½ hours for lunch. Ken encourages you to join him for lunch! This is a fun-filled weekend enjoyable for the whole family.  Ken’s clinics are unique and exciting, with his ability to involve observers in the clinic all day long.  He encourages observers to participate in conversation throughout the day with questions and frequently invites them to participate in demonstrations.  Enjoy Ken live all weekend as he interacts with the crowd.  Ken is a fun teacher and he tries to give you as much information as you can hold in 3 days!

Auditing: $25 for the day or $65 for all 3 days  (each rider permitted one guest per day FREE of charge)

Tickets may be purchased at the door or online at kenmcnabb.com


Local Lodging & Food Recommendations:

White Oak Inn & Suites, 201 4th Avenue NW, Deer River, MN 56636

Rasley’s Blueberry Bowl, 44919 Golf Course Road, Deer River, MN 56636

Sportsman’s Cafe, 109 Main Ave E, Deer River, Minnesota


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