3 Week Certification Program, July 8-26th, 2024 Douglas, WY


Powderhorn Ranch

2345 Cold Springs Rd

Douglas, Wyoming 82633


The class is held in a beautiful indoor arena 200×300.  The 17,000 acre ranch will be used during the clinic for learning and training opportunities as weather permits. See the website and location for our Diamond/McNabb Ranch Horse Sale (dmhorses.com).


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Ken McNabb Certification Programs:

There are three levels in the Ken McNabb horse training certification program. They are Apprentice, Journeyman and Master Trainer. In order to complete the full program, one must participate in all three levels of training, but this not required.

You may bring your own horses or use ours without any additional charge at the Apprentice and Journeyman levels. ALL MASTER Trainers must bring and utilize their own horses to pass this level. The stalls and hay are included in the program located at the Powderhorn Ranch in Douglas, Wyoming. We recommend that you bring your own saddle that you are experienced and comfortable riding in. If you need a saddle or horses please email or call the office, info@kenmcnabb.com.  Ken will provide you with beautiful horses that have never been through the training, but are perfect for the program.

Accommodations are your responsibility. There are available rooms on the Powderhorn Ranch for around $140.00 (rates subject to change) per night which includes all homecooked meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the duration of your stay. This is not included in the $4,500.00 clinic fee. $70 per night for RV spot(rates subject to change) which does not have propane hookup, but includes electric and sewer hookup. Please contact Susie True at susie@wyodiamond.com directly to make your reservations for lodging. You may also choose to lodge in the town of Douglas, which is about a 30-35 minute drive to and from the ranch (transportation your responsibility).

Many hotels are available in Douglas, Wyoming

Sleep Inn 307-358-2777

Hampton Inn & Suites 307-358-0707

Holiday Inn Express  307-358-4500

The ranch is about 26 miles from Douglas, Wyoming

Flight Information

If you are flying in the airport location is Casper, Wyoming and is 1.5 hours from the ranch.  We offer pickup on Sunday the day before your program begins. We ask that you try to arrive as close to 5pm as possible.  We can also provide transportation for your return home, Saturday after the clinic. Please plan for a departure after 10:00 am.  Due to the graduation dinner Friday evening and the distance from the ranch to Casper this is mandatory for everyone’s safety.

The directions to the ranch are on the Diamond McNabb Horse Sale website (dmhorses.com).  Do not use a GPS until you have reached Douglas, Wyoming.


Participants in the apprenticeship program will complete fifteen days of training. You will work with three different horses ranging in training levels from well-started to well-broke. You will master the Ken McNabb method of training in areas such as round pen basics, advanced ground work and leading and lunging at liberty. You will work on basics to the bridle, understanding softness and flexion in your horse’s head, neck, shoulders, ribcage and hindquarters. You will master teaching your horse confidence on the trail in both a versatility trail course and the extreme trail course. We will cover riding with balance and feel, the art of using your hands, seat and legs to communicate with you horse. You will learn and develop incredible stops and lateral movement and begin the process of creating a finished horse. You will have classroom time in equine psychology and equine conformation, hoof care and basic at-home vet care. This program also includes hours and hours of beautiful riding on the ranch in both the trail and ranch settings. You will walk away from the apprenticeship program with the tools to understand your own horse like never before or to begin developing your own training business. This session is not tested, but is the foundation and introduction to Ken McNabb methods of horse training. Participants at this level will receive a participation certificate or plaque.
*This is the oldest, in-house 3 week apprenticeship program in the country.


This is a life changing experience that 100’s of trainers have used to launch their own business.
Participants in the Journeyman Trainer Program will complete a second segment of fifteen days of training. This session is tested with both a written and a practical or physical test. This 3 Week Program is designed to bring you closer to a finished trainer than you have ever been. You are going to step up your game with the philosophy (if you want to ride finished horses then you have to ride your horses finished).
We will be covering advanced level maneuvers that will include everything from soft transitions, to collected stops and simple lead changes. From colt starting to a confident trail horse. You will gain a firm understanding of bits and how to decide when and where to use them. Saddle fit and padding will be covered at length.
When this program is over you will understand how to attain complete body control. You will be tested on the following: Your un-broke must be rideable outside of the round-pen at a walk, trot, and lope. Turn, stop, back and cross obstacles. Your 2 broke horses must stop fluidly on their hindquarters, turn a fluid 360 pivot, a fluid one handed side pass, simple lead changes and lope the haunches in. There is also a written test on theory and psychology. All aspects of the journeyman requirements must be met and pass the test in order to receive a plaque of completion. In the unlikely event that a student should fail the test they are allowed to study, practice and retest two more additional times at no extra cost.

Master Trainer

The Master Certification Trainer Program may be completed within a maximum time of two years from the date of their Journeyman test. Participants in the Master Certification Trainer Program must have successfully completed the Journeyman level to be eligible. The Master Certification Trainer Program is designed to take the professional trainer to the next level. This program teaches a level of horsemanship that would normally take a life time to learn and open the door to new adventure in horsemanship. You will master finish, understand balance and timing. Use collection to achieve balance and timing, and understand stride and how to control it. Once you have mastered these concepts there is no stopping you in your horsemanship pursuits.
Some of the requirements for completion of the Master Trainer Program are: speed transitions, canter departures, correct, simple and flying lead changes, rollbacks and spins, stops, one handed riding and loping a true side-pass/ half pass. After passing the written exam and physical test you must also help teach two – 3 day clinics with Ken as an assistant trainer.
Trainers successfully completing this level can be added to the Ken McNabb reference list and will be allowed to use Ken’s endorsement with prior approval.
In order to maintain the Master Certification Trainer level you are required to ride in a 3 day clinic* with Ken at your convenience once every two years. ALL STUDENTS testing at the Master level must bring their own horses.

Each program level is $4,500. To hold your class a deposit of ½ or $2,250.00 is required and can be paid with credit card online or you may call the office. You may choose the option to mail a check to Ken McNabb, Attn: Michaela P.O. Box 411, Broadus, MT 59317. Please email mcnabbdeedee@gmail.com and let us know you have mailed a check. Thank you!

*Please note all deposits as of 10/10/2022 are NON-REFUNDABLE with the exception of a medical emergency – in this case, a signed document must be sent to our office from your doctor.

Thank you!

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