Ken McNabb Pro-Series 7 Shank 5″ Horse Bit, Sweet Iron


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  • 7 shank design with a 2:1 leverage conversion
  • Non-rust stainless steel construction
  • Features 5″ sweet iron snaffle mouth with copper inlay and 7″ cheeks
  • “When I start using leverage bits on my horses, it is important to me that the bit be balanced, well-built and comfortable for my horse. With the 7 shank series from Weaver Leather, we have improved a classic piece of equipment. By offering the 7 shank in 5 different mouthpieces. I am able to choose the perfect bit for my horse’s level of training. Each bit has a 2:1 leverage conversion that allows me to lighten my hands and reduce the movement in my reins and communicate with my horse in a soft and light manner. I absolutely love this bit series!” ~Ken McNabb